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Chakra Sadhna
about Chakra Sadhna

Yoga recognizes seven energy centers in the human body. These are known as “chakra”. Chakra means “what revolves” and hence signifies a wheel. In a physical sense the chakras are visualized as lotuses, composed of different number of petals. Each chakra governs a certain sense organ, and has its own presiding deity.

Chakra Sadhna is a devotional (not religious) daily spiritual practice designed to allow oneself to turn inward and perceive ourselves and life more clearly, before diving into the humdrum of the day.

It is led by our teachers who hold space for all who join them. Chakra Sadhna begins with cleansing of root chakra to sahastarth chakra. 

It is spirirual journey from aatma to parmaatma. Every soul is this earth having capacity to transform from ordinary soul to extraordinary soul & thia transformation is possible from chakra sadhna through step by step guidance of all the chakra.

Our Mission is to make every soul in this earth happy & heathly from body, mind and soul so that they can experience the journey of aatma to paramaatma